Peer-review process

The procedure for peer review of articles (manuscripts) in the journal follows the world recommendations for publishing aricles. By submitting the articles for publication in the “Proceeding of the Shevchenko Scientific Society. Medical Sciences” journal, the authors agree to undergo the procedures set forth in the web site and journal.

The papers are anonymously peer-reviewed. The journal uses Double-Blind Peer Review.

Papers submitted by authors are subjected to the following consecutive procedures:

  1. Initial formal evaluation by the Editor-in-Chief, taking into consideration the paper’s compatibility with the journal’s profile and essential requirements for the scientific content of the material presented in the manuscript..
  2. Editorial Decisions on the selection of experts reviewers in the field of a specific article.
  3. Reviewers use the following international recommendations:

International Committee of Medical Journal Editors.

  1. The decision of the reviewers on the quality of the manuscript is submitted in accordance with the requirements of the journal special form of consideration .
  2. Articles with complex statistical / empirical questions are sent to the statistical editor-reviewer.
  3. Authors are informed about the results of examination by reviewers. If reviewers have comments, an article is sent to the authors to make the proposed changes.
  4. After the final version of the manuscript for publication is accepted by editorial office, materials are sent to literature editors for correction
  5. The final decision on the publication of the paper is taken by the Editor-in-Chief.