• Olga Dzhura Danylo Halytsky Lviv National Medical University Lviv, Ukraine
Keywords: world creation teleological principle, morphological science, modern unclassical science, morphofunctional methods of research


The world’s creation understanding can be possible only with the pious opinion in expediency of everything in being. Everything is created on the basis of laws and principles deep knowledge coexistence of alive and unalive in the nature and points on the intellectual principle approach in well ordered different life layers existence made by Perfect Creator. Thus existence far not web-based, but dynamic one, that is with permanent ability of vivifi cation. Modern science development theory cannot anymore deny already religiously proclaimed theological world creation principle: the universe has inner withstand aim of its development and its magnitudes are previously build on intellectual life forming. For centuries morphologists had used descriptive and morphometric investigation methods with the usage of different colours of natural and synthetical origin, following the requirements of classical approach in relation to studying of peculiarities of human organism structure and changes that happened under one or another impact of different factors, taking into account strict experiment validity. During the last decades classical methods in morphology – light, darkfi eld, phasecontrastive and luminescent microscopy – are much more perfected, giving objective answers on the questions of the physiological, biochemical, immune and even genetic layers, using immune- and lectinogistochemical, autoradiographic, cytospectrophotometric morphofunctional methods, fl ow cytometry method, that gives ability to analyze cells characteristics in suspension with the conciliation of focused laser ray (cytofl owgraphy). Either transmissive or scanning electronical microscopes, that give third-dimensional objects image, are widely used in electronical microscopy. Modern science has begun to investigate not only subjects that passed through changes, but also objects that are insusceptible to human senses (micro- and macroworld). That is why special laboratories type is created nowadays – complicated, equipped with technical devices, technological process. Specially organized team with work division within the group has begun to carry out scientifi c investigations: from idea men to facilitator of their execution. The morphologist should not stay only in the morphological methods execution boards in his investigations, but he can also gain allied sciences methods – physiological, biochemical, radiographical, immunological and so on, that objectively give an opportunity to deepen the knowledge and to understand the mechanisms of coactions on cellular, subcellular and molecular levels of objects been investigated. It forms qualitatively new way of thinking in modern morphological science, that is based not on straight objectivism, but on understanding of circumstantial genuineness of nature’s theories and pictures.


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