• Volodymyr Monastyrskyi Danylo Halytskyi Lviv National Medical University, Lviv, Ukraine
Keywords: lifespan development, ageing, thrombin, plasmin, coagulation, regeneration


The author has discovered thrombin-plasmin system (TPS) and two processes performed by its subsystems being fundamentally opposed, internally contradictory physiological processes – biological coagulation (cyto-histo-hemocoagulation) functioning as coagulation-hypotrophic mechanism (with a reduction of all the mechanisms of trophism), therefore, its fi nal result (both in normal state and in the event of pathology) is a degenerative and dystrophic damage to cells and organs with a reduction in the number of their structures, and bioregeneration (cyto-histo-hemoregeneration) functioning as a regenerative-normotrophic mechanism, which, therefore, results in elimination of these damages, recovery of all trophic mechanisms, enhancement of cellular and intracellular regeneration with increase in the number of structures (the discovery has been registered). With the help of these two processes, TPS performs many vital functions of regulatory nature in the human body. However, the most important thing is that owing to these two processes, TPS implements a genetic program of all three stages of lifespan development of human body. This provided the author with an opportunity to substantiate two fundamentally new gerontological theories – coagulation-regenerative theory of lifespan development and coagulation- hypotrophic theory of physiological ageing of the human body. At the same time, the author has provided rationalization for regenerative-normotrophic theory of rejuvenation of the human body, since he has determined that bioregeneration is a fundamental physiological process which under certain conditions can rejuvenate the structure and functions of all organs and systems of the old human body to the level of its state at the young age, and has shown under what conditions it is possible and in what way the desired conditions could be achieved in old and senile age. The faithfulness of these gerontological theories has been confi rmed in practice – on their basis the method of consistent rejuvenation of the old human body has been established, which appeared to be very effective in animal experiments.


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