Borys Bilynsky. ATYPICAL ONCOLOGY. Textbook for physicians / Borys Bilynsky ; by edition Yaroslav Shparyk. – Lviv, Afisha, 2020. – 386 p.


I felt a personal connection to this book before even reading it, as Danylo Halytsky Lviv National Medical University is my Alma Mater and my career path in cancer research was inspired by Prof. B. Bilynsky, who was the Head of Oncology Department during my study. Surfing through a pdf file of the “Atypical Oncology” textbook by Prof. B. Bilynsky, I prepared myself for guidance on the current state of diagnostic and treatment of atypical tumours, and an optimistic message about how the cancer field in general is moving forward.

The book has a simple, but catchy title, and the introduction provides a guiding light throughout the following chapters of the textbook, focusing in particular on advances in cancer diagnostics and the importance of personalised treatment of atypical oncology. 

A diverse range of atypical cancers is covered in chapters and the main focus is given to unique features of their morphological appearance, unpredictability of disease progression and treatment outcomes. The information provided is very detailed and the use of selected case studies will be of particular interest not only for medics studying oncology and junior oncologist, but also for well-established clinicians/researchers in field of clinical and experimental oncology.

Prof. B. Bilynsky ends his book with a chapter that summarizes why he believes that a combination of diverse diagnostic approaches (histo- and immunohistochemistry, molecular and genetic tests, and sophisticated imaging modalities) is essential for successful treatment of common and rare atypical tumours, and winning eventually the “war” on cancer with the development of novel anti-cancer therapies.

The book highlights two different strategies which are currently used for the management of atypical tumors: standard treatment regimens and a personalized approach.

I find the book informative, compelling and written in a way that will attract the attention not only oncologists and medical staff of diagnostic services, but also researchers working in the field of cancer biology. 

Prof. Bilynsky’s journey in the field of oncology is inspirational and spans years of dedication to his clinical, research and academic endeavour. This book summarises an extensive amount of personal expertise in clinical oncology which is closely interlinked with collaborative studies and the up-to-date knowledge on atypical cancers, and I strongly recommend it for cancer specialists.


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