Keywords: Bladder cancer, molecular classifi cation, personalized therapy


This review analyzes the current view on molecular subtypes of muscle-invasive bladder cancer (MI-BC), its key biomarkers, and recommended treatment approaches. Several variants of molecular classifications of BC are known, including the classification of Baylor College of Medicine (BCM), the University of North Carolina (UNC), the MD Anderson Cancer Center (MDA), the Atlas Cancer Genome Project (TCGA), and Lund (Sweden). Nowadays, a consensus international classification of MI-BC has been developed, which not only deepened understanding of the biology of the BC but also showed the relationship of certain genomic disorders with specific morphological subtypes, as well as the clinical pass of the BC. The developed variants of molecular classifications of MI-BC allow not only to predict the course of the tumour process but also stratify patients according to the likely response to chemotherapy and immunotherapy. However, the implementation of molecular classification of MI-BC into clinical practice has several limitations and requires validation studies


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