Keywords: acute pancreatitis, festered post-necrotic pancreatic pseudocyst, African region


Introduction. Acute pancreatitis is deemed the non-common diesease among the population of African countries – 1% of all general surgical conditions. Surgeons attribute these indicators to no or limited methods of laboratory and instrumental diagnostics and lack of respective professional diagnosticians Medium and severe acute pancreatitis is diagnosed by explorative laparotomy with a preliminary diagnosis of the “burst abdomen”. These reasons lead to limited literature data in African countries.
Aim. To describe and study peculiarities of the clinical course, diagnosis, and treatment of acute pancreatitis complication, which is rare in the African region – festered post-necrotic pancreatic pseudocyst.
Materials and methods. A clinical case of a late complication of acute pancreatitis – festered post-necrotic pancreatic pseudocyst in a patient treated at the Baptist Medical Centre, Nalerigu, North-Eastern Ghana.
Results. The diagnosis was made based on clinical symptoms, computer diagnostics, and consultative telemedical healthcare at the general surgery clinic in Lviv where authors of this article used to work (A. Furtak), and are still working (D. Bidiuk). A programme for diagnostics and treatment of the described case is compared against the modern literature data.
Conclusions: The article highlights the peculiarities of diagnosing and treating the disease under specifi c conditions of the African region.


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