Keywords: working-age population, YLL premature death indicator, man-years lost, acute myocardial infarction, economic losses


Purpose of the study is to determine the volume of losses of man-years of potential life among the working-age population in Ukraine due to mortality caused by myocardial infarction [I.21, I.22, I.23] in the context of the YLL premature death indicator (years of life lost due to premature mortality) and evaluate the impact of this demographic phenomenon on social and economic life in Ukraine.
Materials and methods. A complete, one-dimensional, continuous, population-based epidemiological research was based on data where the State Statistics Service of Ukraine databases on working-age population mortality caused by the myocardial infarction were used as a source of information for the calculation of the DALY indicator (2002-2015) [І.21; І.22; І.23]. Subsequently, they were summarized and processed using Microsoft Offi ce Excel 2016 spreadsheets. The retrospective, potential demographics, statistical, mathematical, abstract, graphical research methods, the standard methodology for calculating of the YLL premature death indicator, as well as such methods, as copying, deductive awareness, structural, and logical analysis with account for principles of systematicity, were used.
Results. It was confi rmed that in 2015, the number of working age population (16-59 years) in Ukraine amounted to n=26.679.376 people (women – n=13.659.004, where P=51.20%; men – n=13.020.372, where P=48.80%) and constituted P=62.39% of the total population in Ukraine (n=42.759.661), with a demographic load indicator – P=607 persons aged 0-15 and 60+ per 1000 population aged 16-59. It has been found that because of premature n=1.931 deaths (men – n=1.773, where P=91.82%, and women – n=158, where Р=8.18%) due to MI [I.21, I.22, I.23] among working-age population (n=26.679.376) in 2015, n=29,315.73 man-years of potential life were under-lived (men – n=25.364.81, where Р=86.52% and women – n=39.50.92, where Р=13.48%), whereas Ukraine did not receive 1.637.386,125 UAH 55 kopiykas to the total GDP
Conclusions. According to YLL premature death indicator, the quantitative and economic estimation of premature years of potential life lost among working-age population as a result of death due to MI [I.21, I.22, I.23], serves as a strong argument for determining nation-wide strategic priorities for government policy-making in the fi eld of promoting and preserving public health among the working-age population in the context of premature death, which carries a fi nancial burden on the GDP of the country.



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