Keywords: Flurenizide, antimicrobial, antiviral, antiseptic properties, dosage forms


Introduction. Creation of an effi cient and safe medication is based on the knowledge of the world’s best achievements in medicine and pharmacy. Development of new original medications and dosage forms, a study of their specifi c medicinal properties, application and advantages over well-known brands are important for achieving high-quality medical assistance.

The innovative product – Flurenizide substance – has served as the basis for new dosage forms (solid, semisolid, and liquid) intended for preventive care and treatment of dangerous and controlled infectious diseases in human and veterinary medicine.
Development and introduction of new effi cient antimicrobial, antiviral, and antiseptic medications into medical practice is a relevant task today. Variety of microorganisms, their ability to mutate, and create forms, which are resistant to existing chemotherapeutic medications urges us to seek new and more eff ective medications for the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases. In the early ‘90s, researchers at Lviv State Medical Institute received an organic compound patented under the name «Flurenizide TM. Pharmaceuticals and medicines used for people and animals». Flurenizide is registered in the State Register of medicines of Ukraine as a new original Ukrainian drug with antituberculous and antimicrobial eff ect (registration no. Р.10.00/02305 dated October 12.000).

Aim of study was information research of the scientifi c literature.

Materials and methods. A profound analysis of the scientifi c literature, patent information of Ukrainian and foreign scientists showed the promising nature of fl uorine application in medicine and pharmacy. Among them, there are eff ective substances that are suggested for preparing both fi nished pharmaceutical forms and those, which are already under production (Flo-renalum, Amixin, etc.). Research methods included microbiological, pharmacological clinical and pharmaceutical development studies.
Results: fl urenizide is an important biomolecule with properties, which are optimal for obtaining the entirety of pharmacological eff ects – antimicrobial (antituberculous, antichlamydial), immunemodulating, antioxidant, antiradical, hepatoprotective, anti-infl ammatory, etc. We have described new dosage forms (solid, soft, and liquid), which exhibit a higher clinical eff ect. They are intended for the prevention and treatment of hazardous and controlled infectious diseases in medicine and veterinary medicine.
Condusions: The application of Flurenizide in various dosage forms extends the range of drugs with antiviral, antimicrobial, and antiseptic eff ect to meet the needs of humane and veterinary medicine.


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