• Ludmyla Zubko Danylo Halytsky Lviv National Medical University, Lviv, Ukraine
Keywords: anatomy, hepatobiliary system, computer tomography


The increase in the pathology of the hepatobiliary system in the structure of somatic diseases induces the search for morphological features of the structures of this system, in order to prevent the development of pathological processes and reduce the iatrogenic complications in the process of treatment of diseases. Improvement of life-style examination techniques allows to identify individual peculiarities of morphometric parameters of internal organs and structures. In the course of our research, we used the method of computer tomography (CT). With the help of this method, a human body scan is carried out by a fan beam of X-rays in a directional motion of the source and X-ray receiver with its subsequent transformation into electronic signals, computer processing of the received data and synthesis of images. It allows to detect not only pathological formations, but also the location of small elements of organs and topographical neighborhoods.
As a result of the analysis of computer tomograms, the following features of the linear size of the gall bladder and extrahepatic bile duct in men and women of different periods of mature age are revealed: the ratio of the studied indices in men and women of different age groups, as well as their age dynamics are different and characteristic, as for each indicator, and for individuals of each gender; the conducted analysis of the obtained indicators has shown the gender peculiarities of the size of the surveyed structures. In particular, the length of the gall bladder and the width of his neck are higher in men, and the width of the bottom of the gall bladder and its widest part – in women. Indicators of the thickness of the wall of the gall bladder in persons of different sex vary minimal, with a slight superiority in men; linear measurements of the length and width of the right and left hepatic ducts, as well as the angle of their ascent in women, are greater than that in men; the length and width of the cystic duct in women are also higher than that in men, but the inclining angle of the bladder duct is higher in men; the linear dimensions (length and width) of the common liver duct, as well as the total bile duct, are higher in men, exceeding the size of the same structures in women by 5-8 times.



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