• Roksolana Tymiak-Lonchyna Chicago, Illinois, USA
Keywords: oral health, nutrition, oral hygiene, cytoprotection, malnutrition


There is a strong link between oral health and general health. In the past, physicians taking care of patients about to undergo cardiac surgery did not consider referring them to a gum specialist (periodontist) for an oral evaluation. Recent data demonstrates the impact that pathologic oral conditions have on heart disease, diabetes, pregnancy, malnutrition, etc. The oral cavity serves as the main portal to the body. The type of nutrition that enters this portal will either enhance or detract from the health of not only the teeth, gums, tongue, mucosa but also is important in the proper development and well being of other bodily structures. Proper dietary habits and hygiene need to be learned early and are crucial for the laying down of the foundation of good bodily health. The regular and proper use of nutrients (vitamins, micro elements, biofl avonoids, etc.) and their mechanisms of action are discussed. If the teeth and oral mucosa are compromised, this can exacerbate existing medical conditions, can lead to development of new diseases and create other health complications. Physicians and dentists need to work hand in hand in treating and educating their patients. No one particular strategy will solve every problem, nor will one person be the solution to medical care. Cooperation amongst professionals, openness and fl exible in communication and reliance upon the most recent scientifi c data, will help to maintain our patients’ health and well being.


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