• Alexander Lutsyk Danylo Halytskyi Lviv National Medical University
  • Antonina Yashchenko Institute of Cell Biology, NAS Ukraine
  • Volodymyr Antonyuk Danylo Halytskyi Lviv National Medical University
  • Rostyslav Bilyy Institute of Cell Biology, NAS Ukraine,
Keywords: Lviv scientifi c school of lectinologists, glycopolimers, lectins, biobibliography


The formation and development of the Lviv scientifi c team of lectinologists during 35 years (1972- 2017) is described. During this period were substantially optimized methods of lectin purifi cation, and about 20 new original lectin preparations were purifi ed and characterized. Remodeling of lectin-reactive glycopolymers in the process of embryonic and postnatal ontogenesis of different organs, as well as their transformation due to the development of various forms of experimental and clinical pathology have been investigated. Were revealed new possibilities of lectins application as selective histochemical markers of certain types of cells; heterogeneity of lectins binding to cellular subpopulations depending on their organ specifi city, degree of differentiation, secretory cycle cycle; use of lectins for the characterization of cellular glycosylation processes under physiological and pathological conditions, in particular, on the background of experimental hypo- and hyperthyroidism. The prospects of application in histochemistry of a number of new original lectin preparations were demonstrated. There were expanded existing viewers on the role of cell surface glycoconjugates in the intercellular interactions and in the process of apoptotic transformations; the role of glycans in ensuring the interaction of pathogens with host cells, in particular, of the adherent-invasive E.coli bacteria with cells of the epithelial series, as well as the immune cells (neutrophils, monocytes) of the host’s organism; the effect of neutrophils activation on the modifi cation of glycane components of adjusting molecules, with specifi c emphasis on the molecules of immunoglobulins involved in infl ammatory processes. On the basis of accomplished research were published 5 monographs, about 200 articles in the leading national and internationally renowned journals, as well as 7 author certifi cates and patents were received. 5 DSci and 14 PhD theses were conferred. Qualifi ed counseling and lectin preparations were provided for the implementation in about 30 PhD and DSci dissertations for researchers of Lviv Medical University, other Ukrainian and foreign universities. A bibliographic list of the most important publications of Lviv lectinologists is accomplished.


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